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Michel Piguet


Michel Piguet
Michel Piguet

Michel Piguet graduated in Electro-technical Engineering from Supélec, a top French engineering school at the forefront of energy and information systems, in 1991. Since 2008, he also holds an Executive MBA from the Italian Bocconi Business School. In 1992, he started working in Italy within the ENEL group, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, in a European Union funded R&D program. He then joined the Research and Development Division of EDF in Paris and managed various projects in the field of innovative measurement techniques and quality standards for the improvement of nuclear power plant reliability and productivity.

In 2001, with market deregulation spreading all over Europe, he moved back to Italy to launch the EDF Italian commercial subsidiary and, from 2004 to 2006, he was the Sales Director in charge of business development and sales to final customers. Michel Piguet joined EDISON in 2006 as head of Business Sales, responsible for the sales to the B2B market. He actively participated to the development of Edison’s positions on the retail market, for both gas and power, while ensuring the coordination with EDF European key account management.

In 2009, he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of ELPEDISON Trading, the Joint Venture between HELPE and EDISON, in charge of asset management, cross border trading and retail sales in Greece. On June 2012, Michel Piguet assumed the position of the Chief Executive Officer of ELPEDISON Trading as well as of ELPEDISON Power, which is the result of the collaboration among HELPE, EDISON and ELLAKTOR. ELPEDISON Power, operating two natural gas fired power plants, in Thisvi and Thessaloniki, with a total installed capacity of 820 MW, represents today the first and one of the largest independent energy producers in the Greek market.


Government keynote speaker Yannis Maniatis Dr. Eng. Yannis Maniatis is a Rural and Surveying Engineer (National Technical University of Athens). He is an Associate Professor at University of Piraeus since 2002 and a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Economic Geography of University of Bonn. . On 5th of July 2012 he was elected as Secretary of PASOK Parliamentary Group. On 25th June he was appointed Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
International keynote speaker Ilir Bejtja Ilir Bejtja is the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania. He is an economist, graduated in Economy for Industry at the University of Tirana, Economic Faculty on 1988. He has committed master studies at CoDe Joint European Master in Comparative Developments at the University of Trento, Italy, under the grade of Master of Arts. He completed his PhD in Marketing Sciences at the University “Aleksander Moisiu” of Durres, Albania on 2013.
International keynote speaker Ben Van Houtte Ben Van Houtte just finished a two-year assignment to the Commission's where he was responsible for energy, transport and environment dossiers. He joined the Task Force in 2011 from the Energy Directorate-General where inter alia he coordinated crisis management and emergency response.
International keynote speaker Professor Alan Riley Professor Riley specialises in energy law, particularly in relation to the market and strategic questions in relation to pipeline gas and LNG. He is researching a number of questions concerning market liberalization and market regulation in both the Russian and European Union gas markets. Professor Riley advises governments, the EU institutions, NGOs and corporations on major strategic problems in relation to abuse of dominance, price-fixing and merger cases, as well as in relation to strategic problems found in the global and European energy markets.
International keynote speaker Andreas Stephan Andreas Stephan is a key executive consultant who has led and processed numerous projects in several industries such as utilities and mining. He successfully led several high profile projects on behalf of key industry players. Restructuring of business processes in the utilities market such as power, gas and water has been the focus of his recent activities. Analysis of investment opportunities, management and implementation of important projects related thereto are some of the key sectors where he offers his customised advice.
Constantine Michalos He is currently President of the Central Union of Greek Chambers of Commerce and of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). Since 1988 he has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SWAN SA, an industrial exporting company based in Krioneri, Attica, specializing in the production of natural latex products.
George Stathakis George Stathakis is a Member of the Greek Parliament with SYRIZA and coordinator for the Ministry of Development. He holds a Degree on economics (Athens) as well as a M.A. (econ) and a Ph.D (econ) from the University of Newcastle. Since 1988 he is a Professor of Political Economy, Department of Economics, University of Crete.
Arthouros Zervos Arthouros Zervos is a Professor at the National Technical University of Athens and presently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of (P.P.C.) Public Power Corporation – Greece as well as Chairman of Public Power Corporation Renewables in Greece. He has more than 30 years of high – level expertise in policy, science, research and technology across the European renewable energy sector. He has led the key European renewable energy bodies. He has acted as policy advisor to Governments, EU bodies and policy fora.
Michel Piguet Michel Piguet holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of ELPEDISON Trading, the Joint Venture between HELPE and EDISON, in charge of asset management, cross border trading and retail sales in Greece, as well as of ELPEDISON Power, which is the result of the collaboration among HELPE, EDISON and ELLAKTOR.
Panayotis Kanellopoulos Panayotis Kanellopoulos is the CEO of M&M Gas Co S.A., a corporation founded in August 2010, by MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A. and MOTOR OIL HELLAS (CORINTH REFINERIES) S.A. Previously he was CEO of DESFA where he initiated the efforts and set up the basis for the open up of the Greek natural gas market.
Theodoros Arseniou He is a Dipl. Mechanical Engineer of Technical University & of Nuclear Research Center of Karlsruhe (Western Germany), with scholarship by the German Government. He is the Director of Energy/Industrial Projects Division of J&P-AVAX S.A. Projects: Power Plants, Photovoltaic Parks and Wind turbines, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanks, LNG regasification Units, Tank farms, Refineries.
Antonis Kontoleon Antonis Kontoleon serves as Energy Consultant for major Greek industries, while since 2010 he is a member of the B.o.D. of the Hellenic Union of Industrial Consumers of Energy (UNICEN). During the period 1982-2010 he served as New projects Manager - Energy Manager for Heracles Cement Company, Lafarge Greece.
Dimitrios Varvitsiotis Dimitrios Varvitsiotis holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O) at Solar Cells Hellas. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering by the Agriculture University of Athens, with post-graduate studies (MSc) in Environmental Industry. He also holds a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Health and Environmental Effects by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Management and Health Economics by the National School of Public Health in Athens. He holds a PhD at the same School attending relevant topics.
Alexandros Giannelos Ηe is the Chairman of the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development (IEA). He has served as Quality and Organization Director in Hellenic Post, Special Advisor in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as Commercial Director in a large Industrial Company.

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